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Flower Crown Lop-eared (Antique Material Series)

【What is Antique Material Series?】The series is inspired by Antique Teddy Bears and using rare antique materials for their accessories.



Size: Approx. 6 inch tall. ( Approx. 15 cm)

Material: Mohair, Antique ribbon, Antique lace, Antique cloth flower, Doll eyes. Button,

*Free Shipping.*We ship World Wide.

*Shipping to Canada and Philippines needs 2 or 3 months to arrive now.



サイズ: 高さ約15cm

素材: モヘア、アンテークロココのリボン、アンテーク布花、ボタン、ドールアイ



Flower Crown Lop-eared (Antique Material Series)

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